Tips for motorcycling trips in the Northern Vietnam

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When traveling, besides visiting famous tourist destinations, many adventure lovers want to spend time on a motorbike on windy roads of the mountainous provinces of North Vietnam. If you are one of them, let’s refer to some experiences from 365travel’s experts below for a perfect motorcycling journey.

The reason for choosing a motorbike
In Vietnam, motorbikes are considered as the best and most convenient mean of transportation, so choosing a motorbike to travel to the mountainous areas will help you take the initiative in planning your trip. With a motorcycle, you will be free to go wherever you like. You can stop at any time on the road if you want to relax and take pictures, instead of depending on the schedule given by the tour guide. Driving yourself helps you get closer to the nature as well as the fresh air of the mountains. You will never be afraid of car sickness.

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Things that girls need to remember on hiking trips

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You only live once, so follow your passion and desire. However, you also have only one life, take responsibility and always put your safety first.

I used to scare of climbing, falling into near-death circumstances. I believe that a girl who chooses to go on an adventure should have the right perspective to avoid risks.

Learn and prepare

Climbing is you have to face with many hardships and challenges. Long-distance trekking with limited time, cliffs, slopes, forest or streams. You can fall, hands or legs broken, bleeding, high altitude, slipping, hunger, thirst … can happen at any time.

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Tips for a motorcycling trip to Moc Chau, Vietnam

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Whether on a motorbike or a car, you have to be careful with the traveling distance of more than 180 km from Hanoi to Moc Chau, where the plum and peach gardens blossom to welcome spring.

The route

Moc Chau is located in Son La province, 180 km from Hanoi, on Highway No. 6 to Son La, Dien Bien. It takes about 4 hours of driving. The shortcut runs through Bai Chao to help shorten the distance of about 10 km, the road goes downhill, passes through Kim Boi hot spring and meets road 6 at Cun slope.

Following Highway 6, you cross the slopes of Kem and Cun, two slopes are not high but quite dangerous for drivers unfamiliar with steep pass. Through Cao Phong with huge orange orchards, Highway 6 has two wide lanes. Cao Phong section usually has a traffic stop and speed shot. Road through Muong Khen, Tan Lac, do not forget to stop enjoying sugar cane.

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