Things that girls need to remember on hiking trips

You only live once, so follow your passion and desire. However, you also have only one life, take responsibility and always put your safety first.

I used to scare of climbing, falling into near-death circumstances. I believe that a girl who chooses to go on an adventure should have the right perspective to avoid risks.

Learn and prepare

Climbing is you have to face with many hardships and challenges. Long-distance trekking with limited time, cliffs, slopes, forest or streams. You can fall, hands or legs broken, bleeding, high altitude, slipping, hunger, thirst … can happen at any time.

Therefore, the first and foremost thing you have to do is to find out the difficulties of the trip, how long the way, your strength ability to climb and so on. After that, you should be prepared for the trek. Check out the weather on those days, bring necessary equipment like sunscreen, hat, rain gear… The longer the trip is, the more you have to prepare.

Find a suitable, reliable companion

Traveling with strange people may be more interesting and have more friends. But finding a right companion is very important. So, you should also choose carefully.

If you cannot find a good friend to go with, you can go with the strangers, but find out the person, see if they are experienced and responsible. Because when challenges come, you have to rely on each other to overcome all. When climbing a mountain, being a girl, you can easily become a victim of bad guys.

Know yourself

Climbing is not the same in movies. Everyone is tired, your porters carry food and tents for the whole group. Everyone is equal, so you have to try and try, shouldn’t wait for help from other people. If you are afraid of wet, so do not cross the stream, afraid of dust should not crawl through the dust, afraid of dirt, so dare not eat, afraid of insects, should not dare to sleep in tent ... This is the your choice. You have decided to climb, then you have to take responsibility for yourself.

If your health is not good, or you shouldn’t go on the adventure, or you have to practice and get exercise. No matter how strong spirit you are, you must have a good health. No miracle appears if you don’t practice yourself. Overcoming those fears, you will have great things after each successfully conquering.

Help your companion

Try to help those around you as much as possible. For example, to the rest stop, people set up tents, pack, you can cook, prepare food. Do not sit down while all are working. Climbing, you need to share work, help each other to make things go smoothly and united.