Tips for a motorcycling trip to Moc Chau, Vietnam

Whether on a motorbike or a car, you have to be careful with the traveling distance of more than 180 km from Hanoi to Moc Chau, where the plum and peach gardens blossom to welcome spring.

The route

Moc Chau is located in Son La province, 180 km from Hanoi, on Highway No. 6 to Son La, Dien Bien. It takes about 4 hours of driving. The shortcut runs through Bai Chao to help shorten the distance of about 10 km, the road goes downhill, passes through Kim Boi hot spring and meets road 6 at Cun slope.

Following Highway 6, you cross the slopes of Kem and Cun, two slopes are not high but quite dangerous for drivers unfamiliar with steep pass. Through Cao Phong with huge orange orchards, Highway 6 has two wide lanes. Cao Phong section usually has a traffic stop and speed shot. Road through Muong Khen, Tan Lac, do not forget to stop enjoying sugar cane.

From Thung Khe Pass, be careful because in winter the weather is always foggy, easily disoriented. If possible, stop eating hot corn on the side of the road. At the foot of Thung Khe is the peaceful Mai Chau. Long Luong village is located 20 km from Moc Chau farm, which is also a traffic police checkpoint.

Moc Chau is divided into two areas: the town and the farm. You can choose one of two places.

Tourist attractions

In spring, Moc Chau is filled with white plum blossoms, pink peach blossoms. You can stop at any flower garden on the way.

The hills around the valley are beginning to shine a charming blue.

Pa Co village is located 15 km from the highway, this is a very beautiful village in the valley with beautiful plum garden.

Long Luong village is on the way to Moc Chau, 20 km on the highway is blooming plum blossom flowers.

Ba Phach is one of the most extensive and beautiful village in Moc Chau

On Sunday morning, the local market at Hang Kia is 20 km away from Moc Chau, where the colors of Hmong people are sparkling.

Bam Strip Waterfall is located 5 km from the town, this is a beautiful waterfall with poetic, charming scenery.

The road to Long Sap border, more than 30 kilometers from the center, passes through many villages, plum gardens, peach gardens and countless jungles.

The pine forests of Ban Ang tourist area, 3 km from Moc Chau. There are also many white flowers.

The way to Ngu Dong Ban On also has many flowers. On the way you remember to take photos with a beautiful S way on the hill and heart of the hill. Ngu Dong Cave is located about 20 km away from Moc Chau Town.

If you want to try more adventurous feeling, go to Hua Tram Pass, located on the old highway 6.


The specialties in Moc Chau include milk cake, yogurt, fresh milk, peanut candy, San Tuyet tea, pistil, honey…

Good restaurants in Moc Chau include No. 64 and No. 70 on National Road 6, 10 km from town. Here, the food is at relatively affordable prices. Also, here you can buy presents.

Nam Pia is a strange and very difficult to eat dish that you can find in Moc Chau Market. Accommodation

Hotels in Moc Chau, such as Cong Doan Hotel, Huong Sen Hostel, are priced at 300,000 VND / room / 2 beds. There are also more than 20 motels in both Moc Chau.

At the weekend, the motel is very crowded, you should book the room in advance.

Gas station

On Highway 6 there are many petrol stations along the way. Before crossing Thung Khe Pass, have a full tank of fuel.

In Moc Chau farm, there is only one gas station, located near Moc Chau Market.


Total distance: 186 km from Hanoi, not including the distance running around in Moc Chau.

Time: 5 hours, including rest, play.

Time to spend: 2 to 3 days.

Weather in Moc Chau is colder than other places in the North Vietnam, you should bring more warm clothes and scarf, gloves, mask to keep warm.

When driving a motorbike, keep in mind speed and traffic. Do not go too fast and avoid clinging to each other. Remember to bring along all valid documents.

Helmets, sunglasses, masks, raincoats, personal belongings are indispensable when driving a motorbike.

When taking pictures at the flower gardens, please ask permission in advance and be careful with the flowers.